Control is in your hands.

VacciBand™ puts control back in your hands.  We empower you to choose when and where you display your band and whom you allow to scan.

Proudly showing that you have taken the step to vaccinate against COVID-19 and giving you control of when and where you are verified will empower you to get back to a normal life.

For Work: VacciBand and the web-based verification process empowers employers and employees and gives us all the peace of mind to get back to work. 

For Play: VacciBand worn in public clearly speaks for you and shows you’ve taken the steps to keep you and your community safer.  Whether you're attending a concert or a ballgame, freedom and access are once again a reality.

VacciBand™and the instantaneous verification code coupled with the embedded verification chip allows you to wear the band and control who is verifying your status and when you are verified.  Complete control is in your hands.  

Don’t let facial recognition software dictate where you can go and whom you can see. VacciBand™ is making everyday life experiences safer and easier for everyone during these challenging times.

Instant, easy access.

The VacciBand™ and the convenient web enable verification system helps verify your COVID-19 vaccination history.

A visual cue worn on the wrist or finger and an easily scannable QR code that is connected to our secure fully HIPAA Compliant servers get us back in the action

Live and in real-time scanning supports quick and frictionless access.

Secure and trusted.

The VacciBand™ secure server environment is tested and secure. Using industry leading end-to-end and SSL encryption, VacciBand holds your Verified Credentials (VC's) as our top priority.  The data is never shared and never sold to anyone EVER.  Your scan data is your's and only your's.

Text Control

Our live and intelligent two-way text (SMS) communication tools allow you to query your scan information from your mobile device no matter where you are.  Activate or deactivate your ID anytime and anywhere or simply pause your ID and the VacciScan™ software.  Find out where you were last scanned.  Quickly deactivate a lost or stolen VacciBand™. 



Get live VacciScan™ data so you know when and where you were scanned or verified. Our live text message notification system keeps you informed of any and all scans.

Get accurate geo location based scan data delivered to your inbox or choose to have the data deleted upon scan.  Your privacy and control is our top priority and you're always in control.